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Do career coaches work?

You can expect to get motivation, encouragement and inspiration from a career coach. Having a coach allows you relax a bit during the emotionally challenging job search process.


Should I hire a career coach?

Hiring a coach is very helpful at every point of your life, but especially when you are starting out, during university or college. A good coach can make you more confident, help creating a competitive CV and a suitable career path.


What are the benefits of career coaching?

We can look at the concrete steps you have to take to become successful and find the right position, the sector you want to work in, whether being a contractor of freelancer is a good idea at a specific time 


Why have a career coach?

A coach can support you when making hard decisions and can offer tools you can use, for example CVs, resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Although I will not actually find you a job and a good CV alone is not enough – based on my experience, 5-8 hours of discussions online will make you understand the benefits of career coaching and you will know what to do, where and how  to search for a job.